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Our Enlightened Worldwide Duty

We are an anonymous yet perfectly organized global army of human beings from every corner of the world with different talents and skills who denounces, speak up, execute actions and legislate the current world based upon the noble cause of defeating the evil VIP forces and elites who are keeping humankind chained to the past and the present by instilling fear with their global agendas. We use their methods against them to mobilize the entire Order to raise up and wage a war against not a specific nation or people, because that's what the elites want, to divide and conquer us, but rather against the elites; we move the fate of the world towards the future of hope and the divine and inalienable right of every person, imprinted in our whole collective unconscious, of seeking happiness and a tomorrow in which people are kind among them.

It doesn't matter race, nationality, language, faith or religion, gender, belief system, social status or financial situation, THE ONLY FEATURE REQUIRED IS TO MAKE WHAT'S FAIR in order to belong to our noble Order of The Black Knights.  We are 100% inclusive and the more variety of humans who join us, as we know every person is created and nurtured completely different, there's no human equal to another, that makes each one of us unique and that's our biggest power, to be different and bring this diversity to our Order.

Skills Needed Right Now (We're hiring)

  • Martial Artists (Self-Defense)

  • Military or Police Experience 

  • Community Managers, Social Media Propagation&Go Viral

  • Computing Engineering and Programmers (Full Stack)

  • Electronics Engineering, Robotics

  • Investigative & Political Journalism 

  • Religious Leaders from every faith 

  • Math, Physics, Biology & Chemistry Subject Matter Experts 

  • Businessmen of all-size companies & entrepreneurs 

  • Economists, Financial Gurus

  • Professors, Teachers 

  • Writers, Researchers 

  • Graphic Designers 

  • Polyglots - the Top 🔟 most spoken languages world-wide 

  • Gamers on the real-time & strategy genres

  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists & Psychoanalysts

  • Medical Doctors in all specialties 

  • Criminologists & Detectives

  • Handcrafters who can build weaponry with wood, steel, etch …

  • Political Scientists and International Law individuals 

  • International Relations Subject Matter Experts

  • All other skills you send resume and will have a place for sure in the Order. We don't exclude any skill.

ZERO'S Manifesto

Be ready to the future that's coming and how our Global Army - The Order Of The Black Knights will fight the New World Order and also help The Citizens Of The World to adapt to the new Order. No Elite or Government will be able to oppose our Noble Order and our Immortal Beacon that guides our way to a Fair Future full of Opportunities, and the change of Mindset in the Global Population to take the VIPs down. 

revisión de leyes


Global Legislation

Each anonymous member of the Order comes up with a project to execute, denounce unfairness, corruption, war crimes, among other material and shares his solution, no matter how "crazy" it may seem, it shall be discussed in our private Assembly Sessions. We gather votes (Aye vs No) the leader of the Order (The CEO & Founder of the Order: better known as ZEROhas unlimited veto rights in order to keep the Global Military & Political Strategy robust. Nevertheless, ZERO will approve and help to organize the Bills taken to the Assembly by ALL the members of the Order.


Leak hidden agendas

Every member of the Order commits to share inside our Private Assembly sessions real videos taken with your own devices such as mobile phones, cameras, among others in order to avoid being brainwashed by mass media which is controlled by the elites and governments' interests to confuse the Global Citizens. Every media asset will be uploaded to this website in order to have a reliable journalistic body that can be used to wage a tactical and strategic truth & information-based war to sabotage the VIPs coercive plans.

Chica detras de una cortina
Las piernas de un criminal


Defeat war criminals

Martial, Military and Police experienced members of the Order will be able to take action, ZERO will coordinate the targets to be attacked and taken down shall a threat against one or more of the members of our noble Order arises. We will fight and conquer with weaponry and the best army which is not affiliated to any specific nation or international organization.


Free world from imperialism

We will not allow the mass genocide being planned and taking place right now as you read this when the clash between Western and Eastern civilizations begins. We'll be the most technologically prepared Army to stop them and abolish all national armies in the world as they're the root of evil. Leaving only the Order of the Black Knights to keep military units in order to establish an era of peace in the world and the nations can exchange open dialog around one table, without exchanging force. Stop weapons traffic & commerce. 

Los soldados y helicóptero
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