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Privacy & Anonymity Contract

Legal Advice

The communication channels to keep the Order operating and orchestrating in perfect synchronization are always random, generated just in time and leveraging different meeting, chat and/or streaming platforms. This is to protect the privacy of each member of the Order. You don't need to pay anything to join, only come up with ideas, injustices and pain points to legislate and execution plans to share during our private sessions as per the protection we are entitled based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also, during our meetings, they can be remote most of the time but there's a chance we will meet face to face. Whatever the place and time, your face must be covered with a facemask to ensure the safety and anonymity of each member of the Order and avoid retaliation from our enemies, the elites & VIPs whom pull the strings of geopolitics for their non-altruistic, egotistical agendas. Whenever we meet, only your eyes must be seen, don't share the background of the space you're joining to our Assembly's session and do it when you're alone, unless your companion is part of the Order as well. Also, don't expose anything about yourself, confidential information such as given or family names, IDs, email addresses only the ones you actively monitor based on the one you shared with us when you joined the Order and sent your resume. Same for phone and mobile numbers. 


That said, our Privacy Policy is a statement that never discloses some or all of a website's user and customer data collection, use, disclosure, processes, and management practices. It's our 100% commitment to keep the Order safe and don't let our members be caught or attacked in any way.


Different jurisdictions per countries and regions have different legal obligations about what you must keep yourself as a legal Citizen there, that way the individual &  the Order are safer to move forward our agenda of waging war against injustice, lies and exploiter elites. You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the laws relevant to your activities and location as well, for your safety and well-being as well to protect our Order, any violation to these proclamation will yield the outcome of expulsion of the individual from the Order.

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